PSC-160 Series

PSC-160 Series


PSC family is AC/DC power supply specifically for security application. Apart from the primary output, there is one additional charger output with a relatively small current enabling the UPS application with a back-up battery. Two styles are provided per model for different demands- the PCB type and the enclosed type (with L-Bracket and cover.) In addition to the 60W (PSC-60) and the 100W (PSC-100) products, MEAN WELL is unveiling the 160W model, PSC-160, to fulfill the application requiring higher wattage.

PSC-160 series accepts the input from 90AC through 264VAC, and is equipped with the built-in active PFC function; at the output end, 13.8VDC (adjustable range 12~15VDC) and 27.6VDC (adjustable range 24~29VDC) are provided, respectively, to fulfill the most frequently-used voltage demand for security application, 12VDC and 24VDC. The efficiency of this series is up to 90% and the entire series can operate between -20℃ and +70℃ under free air convection. Accounting for the security applications, PSC-160 is designed with the complete protection functions, including short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, battery low protection, and battery reverse polarity protection (by fuse). It also provides the alarm function, via relay contact signal output, for AC OK and battery low. Moreover, PSC-160 also complies with international certificates such as UL, CUL, CB, TUV, and CE. Suitable applications include security systems, emergency lighting systems, alarm systems, DC UPS systems, central monitoring systems, and access systems.


  • 90~264VAC full range input
  • Installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15
  • 40mm slim design, dimension(W x H x D):40 x 125.2 x 113.5mm
  • Protections: Short circuit / Overload (Constant current limiting mode*) / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • UL508 (industrial control equipment) compliance
  • Certificate: UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE

    EDR-120 Series

    EDR-150 Series

    NDR-120 Series

    Highest Operating Wattage




    Highest Working Efficiency




    Working Temperature
    (Air convection cooling)




    EMI Level

    EN55022 Class A

    EN55022 Class A

    EN55022 Class B





    *  EDR-150-24 presents hiccup mode output at 90~100VAC.

    ** at 230VAC

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