Listen Up: Does Solar Increase the Value of my House?

Listen Up: Does Solar Increase the Value of my House?

There are many factors that influence how much you can save when you go solar, but the most important one isn’t how much sun you get – it’s the cost of electricity from your utility. As a result, the value that a solar energy system will add to your home is dependent on where you live.

Because solar reduces or eliminates your electric bill, your 20-year savings from installing a solar energy system will be greater in areas where electricity is more expensive. That means high electricity prices can result in greater solar home values, because potential home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with greater solar savings., That also means that newer solar panels will add more value to your home, because they will generate electricity for a greater lifespan.

At the end of the day, the best way to be confident in your solar investment is to fully understand and compare your options. Use a solar calculator that gives you an instant estimate of how much you can save.

With the Current Automation, you can compare equipment, financing, and solar company reviews to find the right combination of cost and quality for your needs.

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