KSI-01U KNX-USB interface

MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer, continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. After the launch of KNX bus power supply KNX-20E and KDX-64 (KNX-DALI GATEWAY), the new KNX-USB interface, is proudly introduced. KSI-01U is an interface for establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus. The USB connector has a galvanic separation from the KNX bus. It can be used on the standard software like ETS, [...]

HBGC-300Series 300W Constant Power Mode LED Driver

MEAN WELL now launches HBGC-300 series (300W) which has the same circular housing design for Bay lighting and Flood lighting application to offer more choices for high wattage LED driver and design. With the circular housing design (patent No. CN 201220314551), LED driver matches with the lighting fixture in streamlined shape. HBGC-300 series can operate with wild AC input range(100 ~305 VAC) and adopts constant power mode design, reaching high efficiency up to 94.5%. Other features include high surge protection [...]

SPD-10-320S High Performance Surge Protection Device

In order to expand the surge protection device product line, MEAN WELL is releasing new surge protection device with high performance, SPD-10-320S. SPD-10-320S series is an LED driver surge protection device mainly composed of MOV, GDT and flame-retardant shell, which is suitable for second-level and third-level surge protection of low-voltage distribution systems and LED electrical equipment. SPD-10-320S can dramatically decrease the high surge impact of lightning to luminaires, which expands luminaires life cycle. Maximum continuous operating voltage :320VAC 10kA maximum discharge [...]

PSC-160 Series

Introduction PSC family is AC/DC power supply specifically for security application. Apart from the primary output, there is one additional charger output with a relatively small current enabling the UPS application with a back-up battery. Two styles are provided per model for different demands- the PCB type and the enclosed type (with L-Bracket and cover.) In addition to the 60W (PSC-60) and the 100W (PSC-100) products, MEAN WELL is unveiling the 160W model, PSC-160, to fulfill the application requiring higher [...]

DRC-40/60 Series

Introduction MEAN WELL security power families have been extensively adopted by the global leading branded manufacturers in various types of security monitoring systems and fire alarm facilities. There are AD/ADS/ADD, SCP, and PSC families in the enclosed type configuration or the PCB type configuration right now. In order to fulfill the demand having the power supply installed on the DIN rail inside the control cabinets, MEAN WELL releases the 40W and 60W DIN rail type security power ~ DRC-40 and [...]

Listen Up: Does Solar Increase the Value of my House?

There are many factors that influence how much you can save when you go solar, but the most important one isn’t how much sun you get – it’s the cost of electricity from your utility. As a result, the value that a solar energy system will add to your home is dependent on where you live. Because solar reduces or eliminates your electric bill, your 20-year savings from installing a solar energy system will be greater in areas where electricity [...]

Lock your electricity bill

Would you like to lock your electricity cost at R0.38kWh for the next 20 years? Solar energy is less expensive than Eskom if installed today and viable business investment from day one. Turn your roof into an investment today. Contact us for more information or site visit request. JHB: Tel: 010 591-1713, Fax: 011 462-4310 KZN (Durban) : Tel: 031 569-2854, Fax: 031 569-2864 CPT (CapeTown): Tel: 021-300-1727, Fax: 021 300-1728 Bloemfontein: Tel: 051 011 0158, Fax: 051 444-1996 Mbombela: Tel: 013 004-0012, Fax: 013 004-0011 Tshwane: [...]